Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sketchy Thursdays!

It's Thursday...which means it's time for a new Sketchy Thursdays Sketch!  And since we're having a blog hop this week to celebrate the new February kit at Scrapbook Kit Club I thought I'd do this weeks page with items from the new kit! 
And then yesterday's picture.  My brother is at boot camp, he's been there for a month and loser me finally wrote him a letter yesterday. 
But I have to tell you what was almost my picture of the day.  So we have a dog as you may have noticed but we also have a cat, we've had her alot longer (cat lovers cover your ears please) and I hate her.  Like really really hate her.  She loves my husband and my son and they love her back.  She's kind of a trampy cat.  Anyway, she's an indoor outdoor cat and she likes to try and win my love by killing things and leaving them where I can find them.  *Usually* this is on our front sidewalk.  Once though she brought a dead mole up and left it under my sheets in the night!  That was the worst, there really is nothing worse than that.  Yesterday however (again not tuning into my love language) she brought a dead mole into my LIVING ROOM!!!!!!!!!  So not ok with that!  I had the camera in my hand...but it was just too gross.  I don't ever want to look at that again (although he was all in one piece and appeared to be napping-sorta).  So if the letter picture is a little boring, it's gotta be better than a dead mole.


  1. See your cat loves your. I bet your husband doesn't bring you as many gifts as the cat does. LOL

  2. Oh my goodness. I think you have solidified my un-love for cats. I don't think I'll ever own one! Love this page!

  3. LOL!! Laughing at Tracy's comment....and I was going to say, your kitty bringing you these "gifts" is a form of affection. She wants to shower you with her hard-earned "catches" and she wants you to praise her and tell her what a good kitty she is. (Fat chance, huh?) Thanks for the laugh, anyway!

  4. Love your layout. I'm definitely doing this sketch.

  5. What a fun layout!! Love a pedicure:)
    I agree, the cat is showing her love for you. Mine brought me a live mouse to my scrapbook room one night. She brought one a few days later and I think the ear piercing screams from me let her know I didn't like it at all!!! But I do love my kitty:)