Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We had a *fantastic* crop at SBKC over the weekend and my challenge was to use the word fantastic in your title..with a twist...you had to use a mix of letters.  A great way to use up those half sheets of letter stickers!  I have a whole huge plastic divider thingie of letters so I could do this on probably the next 20 of my pages and I really do need to start using them if I'm going to bother filing them all right lol?  I used black embossing powder on the ones that weren't black to still make them match a little.  I'm also making it work for a love challenge for my  lss and a sketch challenge for http://www.yourscrapbooksketch.com/.  Love it when it works out that way!  Used lots of My Minds Eye goodies and some of my Scenic Route (sniff sniff).
And my potd, Ellie cleaning her room, being held prisoner in her room because she plays rather than cleans.  At this rate she'll be out when she's 12.


  1. Great layout! And so glad my dd's room isn't the only on that looks like this!

  2. Very pretty layout. Oh...be forewarned. I have a 19 year old who still would rather NOT clean her room. Eeeks.