Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April!

So things have been just a wee bit crazy around here...but I'm here today lol!  I couldn't miss this, the first of the month means the debut of the April kit at Scrapbook Kit Club!!  Here are three pages all made from this months kit...enjoy!

And this one got to be used for the April Pagemaps that went up today!

And I'm still going strong with P365...just being a really bad blogger!  Here's a link to my Shuttercal in case you're dying to see parts of my fascinating life lol! 
If you're wanting to take better pictures with your slr registration is still open!  Scrapbook Kit Club.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Has it really been a whole week!?

Good grief, I usually post every day but these last few weeks have been jam packed with stuff going on.'s a catch up on my p365 and of course today's awesome Sketchy Thursdays sketch!
Sketch first of course :)
My girls dancing with my cousin at her wedding.  The creamy pocket thingy is from a Starbucks gift card holder...been saving that for awhile :)
And holy moly and whole weeks worth of we go!
Friday...this is me...I figured I should show up in my pictures once in awhile!

Saturday...we moved the rest of our stuff out of more buyer friendly house.  I still have some more finishing touches to do to the living room but it's coming along!  Glad to have my cozy house back.

Sunday: the first signs of spring around here, I got my first flower from the kids and had to find my little bud vase :)

Monday we got a goody box from my cousin in the UK, handmade bracelets/necklaces for the girls, a very British looking mini Cooper for Carter and CADBURY for ME...guess who the lucky one was?

Tuesday: This was the very first day I forgot to take a picture for p365...BUT in my defense I was taking so many pictures for the April Scrapbook Kit Club kit that it felt like I'd taken my picture lol.  So for this day we get to see a little sneak peek at next months kit :)

Wednesday: My dad has been working on a garden for us this year since last fall, it's finally almost time to plant, the kids are SO excited and spent alot of the day outside yesterday with grandpa.

And last but not least today's....many months ago I sent my hubby a link to this necklace on etsy and said he should get it for me for my birthday and then promptly forgot about it.  But then he surprised me, he remembered, ordered with plenty of time for my birthday and then the etsy store was thumbs down bad on communicating and he ended up getting it week after my birthday.  But I love it and am super impressed that he remembered and planned it all out and it's so pretty...he did good!

Oh and a LINK to my next photography class :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lots to say today...

So I missed my blog post yesterday...busy busy first things first we have my Sketchy Thursday sure to check out the blog to see the sketch for this week and the prize up for grabs!!
Then we have my p365...Wed was my birthday...started off the day with my favorite donuts ever and ended the day with milk chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate was a SWEET day!!!

Then yesterday I was looking on etsy for some living room pillows that I could see in my head but I couldn't find anywhere...which lead me to learning how to make these flowers....coming soon to an etsy near you LOL.   Rachael and I had a great time making them and can't wait to make more...including some yellow ones to match my new living room!

And then last but not least if you have an slr and are scared to take it out of auto mode I'll be teaching a class at SBKC starting April's the LINK...hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Every morning my husband gets up to read his Bible for a bit before work and Carter joins him.  He's the lightest sleeper and there is no sneaking in a few minutes for yourself before he wakes up.  Carter loves this time with daddy.  As soon as I walked in he said Mom is this your picture of the day!?  So even though it was still pretty was.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend recap!

Here's my busy weekend potd's!
Thursday: hubby got me a pretty new hydrangea :)
Friday I had the pleasure of taking pictures of the baby from Monday's see more of her session go here....she was amazing and let me do anything I wanted!

Saturday we painted a happy's the before (we tried to sell our house so this is very buyer friendly neutral/no personality...) 

Here's hubby midpaint job, "after" pics to come soon, still doing some final touches and waiting on a few things I ordered :)

Yesterday Ellie lost her first tooth during Sunday School!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sketchy Thursdays!

This week the dt was lucked out and got to play with some pretty digi papers.  Obviously I'm no digi designer....but her papers sure are pretty!  Here's this week's sketch using Sassy papers!
And yesterdays p365

Every Wed my husband takes turns taking our kids to HyVee on a "donut date" although lately it's been a healthier version the "egg date".  They love going and look forward to it being their turn.  The fact that I have a balloon tied to my curtain is just more evidence that kids live here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

P365 potd!

Nothing much to say, just me still getting comofortable with my work camera (have I mentioned lately how much I loathe canon!?).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Squishy newborn husband's cousin's wife (brother's dog's friend....) had a baby yesterday morning.  They didn't find out what they were having and I was really really hoping for a girl for them.  They have a little boy.  And boy is she chunky!!!  9lbs 5oz 20.5 inches.  Beefy.  All my babies were big like that and holding her made me want another for just a few minutes but then I recovered.  Can't wait to take her "official" newborn pictures on friday.  Fun to have a newborn for my p365!
Check out the creases in her ankle!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March!!!

So much to post today!  First of all, it's the first of the month which means the new Scrapbook Kit Club kit is out!  So first are three pages made with this months kit...I love the completely different looks I was able to get...and I have lots left too!

And then my weekend of potd's!

We scored free tickets to the Motor Cross event and KC and Carter had a little boys outing Friday night!

My hubby working from home :)

Carter doing a bed time jig to "who let the dogs out" the fun never ends around here.  I'm SUPER excited about today's picture...if you like newborn squishiness check in tomorrow!

Friday, February 26, 2010


This picture just makes me laugh, Ginger was laying in "her" chair and Rachael sat on top of her, which she loved because she prefers to be sitting by or under someone at all times.  But her expression is just too funny, what dog poses for a picture?  She's a human trapped in a dogs body I'm tellin' ya.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sketchy Thursdays!

It's a bittersweet time for me, my days of being on the STDT are coming to an end BUT that means I get to play for prizes again so I'm pretty excited about that!  If you're looking for a fantastic dt to be on don't hesitate to try out for Sketchy Thursdays, Diana and Heidi are wonderufl to work with!  Not to mention the fabulous sketches of course...speaking of which here is this weeks sketch!  My kids had never been bowling until a month ago, to say they were excited would be an understatement.  Used more of my new Crate Paper goodies.
I have two pages today, this was for a stamp challenge at SBKC.  The challenge was touse all those alphabet stamps we hoard.  I've decided I stink at boy pages.  This does not feel done to me but I honestly didn't have anything else that matched and felt boyish.  Blech.  I'm moving on though, I've since done two more pages that I love so it's all good.

And my potd, this is what happens when you're busy all day and all of a sudden you realize it's getting dark and you're kids are leaving and you've not taken a picture yet, this is Carter hanging upside down on the couch...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Lots of pages in the works right now, can't share quite yet though!  I'm teaching a photography class at SBKC starting March 1st (sign up details here).  So yesterday I worked on puting some samples together using my p&s.  Rachael is my model that will sit still so she got the job!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I got my first month of prints from yesterday.  If you're doing p365 or are thinking of starting shuttercal is THE way to go!  So pleased with my prints.  Sadly my kids totally destroyed the special box that is made to hold the prints is now a pile of polly pocket beds.  I realized you reach a whole new level of angry when your kids are old enough to know better to do something.  They didn't know the box was mine (therefore it must be theirs right?).  Granted it doesn't look special to a kid but the special foam insert to hold the months now polly beds were special to me.  Sooo, I need to buy a whole new box...but I do love my prints!

Monday, February 22, 2010


So I've been on a little spending freeze for awhile but when I saw the peachy cheap special on Crate Paper I had to have it.  I love Crate Paper stuff and it was three whole sets...none of which I had.  So here's my first creation, I did one page with each set last night and I just love their paper!  It's based on a sketch in the latest Pink Paislee newsletter (annoyed though because it said just create a page based on this sketch to enter a contest...then when you go to enter it says must be with pp stuff....grrr).
And my weekend potd's. 

This is my brother proposing to his girlfriend...Finally!!!  They met and work at TGI Friday's and Saturday night was a busy night because of a Rascal Flatt's concert.  I had heard that he was going to do it during their busiest time and decided since 5000 other people would be there why not me right?  Luckily we go there to eat enough when they're working that it didn't look out of place that we were there and since they were so crowded it didn't look funny that we were camped out at the bar (we usually have the kids with us).  The staff knew so they got us front row seats and jumped us ahead of the hour and a half wait.  So here he is on one knee (see the lighted box in his hand?).  It was so crazy loud in there she had to get close to even hear him.  My hubby got it on video too, so fun to be able to have that.  She of course said yes and we are SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!
Sunday, not near so exciting, we got yet another snow storm

Friday, February 19, 2010


I had to learn a new camera for work so I got to play with a 50mm 1.4 lens, I have the 1.8 on my camera but ooooh my I knew I would like this lens but I didn't know I would love it so much.  Do you see the depth here?  *SWOON*.  My camera is in the shop for awhile and I only have this one until tomorrow so I'm sad but am going to enjoy it while it's here!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Would you like to learn to be a better photographer?

Beginning in March I'll be teaching a photography class at Scrapbook Kit Club, for more details click here!

Getting The Most From

Your Point and Shoot Camera

Four week photography course

by professional photographer Jennifer Cupp

Do you feel inadequate because you have a puny point and shoot in your pocket while your friend is lugging around a digital SLR? Do you own a digital SLR but would love to get amazing pictures with a small purse camera?

If you answered YES to either of these questions than we have the class for you!

Who this class is for:Owners of point and shoot cameras who are frustrated with their pictures

Who this class is NOT for:Camera owners who have mastered their point and shoots, take fabulously composed pictures and love the pictures they're taking

The Details: We will cover everything from finding the best light, when to use flash and when to shut it off, composition,finding depth (aka blurring the background), and what to do with all those different setting options.

You don't have to have a fancy camera to take great photographs. Are there some limitations as to what a point and shoot camera can do? Sure, but that doesn't mean it can't take great images. You simply have to know your camera's capabilities and apply solid photography techniques. In this class you will learn how to use these techniques to turn your ho hum pictures into beautiful works of art!

From Jennifer: "What began as a quest for better pictures for my scrapbooks eventually led to a photography career. I have been taking portraits for clients for six years and have worked for several studios as well as owned my own specializing in baby and children's portraits for four years. I am currently working at a studio as their baby and family photographer and is this year branching into weddings with them. My favorite subjects though are the stars of my scrapbooks, my three children, adorable boxer,and hubby of 14 years."

Jennifer's Class Includes:

*Weekly emails delivered to your inbox

§ Colorful instructional handouts with step-by-step instructions for each lesson/project

§ Pre-class assignment, available to you immediately upon registration for class

§ Welcome notes from Jennifer in the classroom

§ Private posting area to share your work and view the work of your classmates

§ Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates

Class Duration: 4 Weeks

Start Date: March 1st

Price: $20.00

Supply List: Point and Shoot Camera,Camera Manuel (if you do not have this most can be downloaded from the manufactorers website)

How to Register: Email us at with your name and email address. We will send you an invoice and add you to our class list!

Coming up: Get Out of Auto-Mode! How to better utilize your Digital SLR Camera


Darn blogger again, some days it just doesn't like me.
Read a book for book club, hated it hated it hate hate hate.  Quit on page 324.

Got the train tracks out yesterday, kept him busy for at least an hour...which could very well be a record.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It snowed AGAIN yesterday, I'm starting to think these coats are going to be hanging here for a loooong time.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Here's fri-Sun :)

Bathtime-with Ginger of course!

All gussied up for a Valentine's day party!

Yesterday we made cookies for Valentine's day!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Nothing too exciting happened yesterday so I took a little filler picture.  I'm kind of excited about my filler pics though.  When Rachael saw me taking this she said why in the world are you taking a picture of that?  And I said, wouldn't you love to have a photo tour of great grandma's house when she was my age?  Yes I would btw!  So here we have my cheesy Boxer Salt and Pepper shaker set....magnetic kissing of course.  I got them from my hubby for my birthday last year and they made me laugh so hard.  They totally crack me up and he got them as a joke but they're proudly displayed on my shelf and I love them!