Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sketchy Saturday?

No, I'm just late posting my Sketchy Thursday lo.  This week besides an awesome sketch the dt was challenged with "Japanese pop culture" which had me all sorts of nervous because that is completely opposite of my usual style (see previous page).  However I dug and dug and dug through my stash and found some scenic route stuff that seemed to fit the bill and since I bought these papers for events that haven't happend yet (you know how that can happen) I decided to use drawings and Carter writing his name for me. 
Want to hear a funny story about that?  So the other day my husband pops home from work for a few min to take a quick he lays down and calls me up there, he had moved the pillow and found...very neatly written CARTER BJ underlined.  Carter is four, Ellie is six.  Because of the perfectly lined up evenly written letters (see below how he *usually* writes his name) we assume it's Ellie.  We call her up, she bursts into tears....not because she thought she was in trouble for doing it because she knew she hadn't but because we had the audacity to think her handwriting is that bad.  (Being that we homeschool and I see her writing daily, I would have to say her handwriting IS that bad....).  So then we called Carter up who very matter-of-factly told us he did it.  Sooooo you know, who needs monogrammed sheets when your four year old can scrawl their name on them.  Oh, and the BJ part lol?  We have a guy at church who's name is BJ and Carter adores him and that's his "pretend" name (the girls started calling him that when he was two).  He's got two others too but 99% of the time it's BJ.

So yeah... this page WAS in celebration of him learning to write his name....


  1. I love layouts with no photos - great idea, and nice design.

  2. Love this layout... I'm totally into using the kids art and handwriting... great job!