Monday, November 30, 2009


This is totally different for me, but I saw this sketch from pencil lines and knew it was perfect for the clouds that come with the MME die cut sheet.  I love the way it turned out, that's my favorite part of scrapping that I can have a different style on every page.  My husband wasn't so sure about this one (by the way he's put out a few rockin' scrapbook pages himself in case you wonder why I take so much stock in a non scrappers' opinion lol)...he also told me the girls look sick in the picture.  Umm it's *supposed* to be vintage...guess not. me the clouds seemed perfect with this picture of them laying in the grass.


  1. What a perfect white space LO! You nailed it!! Love those clouds!!

  2. I love it! The colors are so serene and pretty.

  3. Dont think the girls looks sick. I love the lay out, so sweet and divine!