Sunday, November 1, 2009


That means I get to show off the amazing November kit for Scrapbook Kit Club!
My nephew Cooper last week at the pumpkin patch :)

You have to click on this one to see if you can read my hubby's journaling. Made me cry...

This would be me on a private patio at parliament...I'm just cool like that mhhm. Next in this series is a picture of a cop (only they're not cops and I'm blanking on the name) under Big Ben yelling at me to stop taking pictures...ooooonly happens to me I tell ya.
It is a truly beautiful kit and perfect for the season we're in. My hubby told me these are some of his favorite pages I've done....(remember the whole "me decorating like a clown" comment-you see now how he would decorate).
I was going to space these out posting over a few days but nah...also a little sidenote.....YES I DO know how to tie bows in other ways. I lined them all up in a row to admire them when I was done and couldn't believe I had managed to tie the bow the SAME way on all three pages lol. Granted I didn't scrap them all at once...but still lol!! Oh, and I'm also using bits of the add on kits...the technique add on kit has my most favorite scrapping item I handy dandy embossing pen (at least that's what I call it) and some black glitter (which I also used on my "clown" page). And if you like this kit you might as well just sign up for auto ship, I've seen bits and pieces of the next two months and they are DELISH!! I'll be posting a little more from this kit soon, I still have my paint to use!!


  1. Great paper and I love the black and white photos.

  2. Those lay outs are simply Divine. I love em so!

  3. Beautiful layouts...loving the colors too in that kit!