Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A shot of my computer screen.  I have a Go Wear Fit (kind of like contestants on The Biggest Loser wear) that I bought last May and I dropped ten pounds the first month of wearing it and then long story short I broke it and I procrastinated so long that I just now got it fixed, yesterday was my first full day of wearing it again.  And during my time of procrastination and falling off the wagon I managed to gain all but 10 of the 30lbs I lost last year.  BIG BUMMER.  Glad to have my little arm band buddy back again and hoping it will help me lose a little faster this time since I can actually SEE what I'm doing, takes all the guess work out!

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  1. I am on my way to check this out - it looks so cool! I am a big biggest loser watcher - last nights episode was a bit over the top - but that's reality shows for ya!