Friday, March 12, 2010

Lots to say today...

So I missed my blog post yesterday...busy busy first things first we have my Sketchy Thursday sure to check out the blog to see the sketch for this week and the prize up for grabs!!
Then we have my p365...Wed was my birthday...started off the day with my favorite donuts ever and ended the day with milk chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate was a SWEET day!!!

Then yesterday I was looking on etsy for some living room pillows that I could see in my head but I couldn't find anywhere...which lead me to learning how to make these flowers....coming soon to an etsy near you LOL.   Rachael and I had a great time making them and can't wait to make more...including some yellow ones to match my new living room!

And then last but not least if you have an slr and are scared to take it out of auto mode I'll be teaching a class at SBKC starting April's the LINK...hope to see you there!


  1. happy belated birthday!! looks like it was fabulous!!

  2. really pretty layout... and fab flower!! those cupcakes look delicious!!

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