Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quiet Moments

So I've decided after scrapping for six years you can only say your kids are beautiful on so many pages right? And being a photographer I have ALOT of portrait type pictures of my kids that don't really have meaning other than maybe we were in a cool spot or they had a new shirt lol. So that being the case I've decided to start doing "words to live by", might be a quote, Bible verse or just a note about life from me. We have beautiful kids (biased I know lol) but I always want them to know that it's their character that's truly important. Sooooo here we have my ten year old Rachael, sweetest girl ever as pretty as they come...with a "life note" I'd like her to remember. And yes of course it's for a challenge lol, this time it's for a recipe challenge (love those!!) on I chose to machine stitch, doodle around the edge, use a handmade embellishment and use threaded buttons. TFL!

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